Frama Mailmark Franking Machines

Frama Mailmark Franking Machines

What is Mailmark?

Franking Machines Cheshire understand that Mailmark is a new Royal Mail Service that is designed to help increase the speed and productivity of the mailing process. Mailmark will reduce the cost of sending mail, and it will print a 2D barcode onto your mail so that you can track your mail during its destination. This is a new and unique feature introduced with Mailmark and it is only available on Mailmark compatible franking machines.

Mailmark Postage Rates 2014

When the franking postage rates for 2014 are released on March 31st 2014, Mailmark will be as well. Here at Franking Machines Cheshire, we can bring you the new Mailmark franking postage rates that Mailmark will charge per frank. These prices are lower than a standard frank, and will save you money.

Frama Mailmark Franking Machines

As part of the new Mailmark service released by Royal Mail in 2014, Frama have had to manufacture several franking machines to fit in with this new service. Franking Machines Cheshire have been informed that Frama releasing their own Mailmark range. The Frama Mailmark Franking Machines range ranges from the low volume Matrix F12 to the high volume Matrix F82, and their range is set to be released for 31st March, when the new generation of Mailmark begins. They will be made available in Cheshire for this date.

Frama Mailmark Franking Machines range includes:

• Frama Matrix F12
• Frama Matrix F22
• Frama Matrix F32
• Frama Matrix F42
• Frama Matrix F62
• Frama Matrix F82

All of the listed Frama Mailmark franking machines are available from Frama and they will have the brand new Mailmark features and services that the Royal Mail have released. However, Franking Machines Cheshire have been informed that many of Frama’s old range are not becoming Mailmark compatible, meaning that if you really wanted Mailmark on your franking machine, you will have to buy a new franking machine.

However, you do not need Mailmark as you can still use your normal franking machine to send mail via franks. Here at Franking Machines Cheshire we can offer you a range of low cost Mailmark and normal franking machines, and you can view them by simply visiting our homepage.

Franking Machine Quote

As well as this, here at Franking Machines Cheshire we can offer you a low cost franking machine quote for a similar Mailmark franking machine. We can offer you cheaper machines and save you money here at Franking Machines Cheshire, and they are available for your Cheshire business. If you would like a quick franking machine quote for a Mailmark or normal franking machine, then go to our home page and fill in the quote form. It is as simple as that. Franking Machines Cheshire will then get back to you as soon as we can and give you a low cost quote for a franking machine.

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