FP Mailing

FP Mailing


FP Mailing, also known as Francotyp Postalia until 1992 when they moved to the UK, supply many franking machines, folding inserting machines, postal scales and other mail room equipment to many UK business in Cheshire.

FP Mailing, have been selling and manufacturing franking machines since 1983, when Francotyp and Postalia merged to form one company. Since then, FP Mailing have expanded to own many subsidiaries in countries such as the UK, Singapore, Italy and France. They are now set up and manufacturing products from their headquarters in Birkenwerder, Germany.


Recently, The Royal Mail have brought out a brand new service called Mailmark into the Franking industry. This means that many manufacturers of franking machines have had to release new updates and machines so their customers in Cheshire can become Mailmark compatible. FP Mailing are no exception to this, and they have recently released some new Mailmark compatible franking machines for businesses in Cheshire and the UK. Their range of franking machines that are Mailmark compatible are listed below.

• Postbase Qi3
• Postbase Qi4
• Postbase Qi6
• Postbase Qi9

These four machines are Mailmark compatible for the new Mailmark service. However, Franking Machines Cheshire understands that their older machines, such as the Ultimail and Optimail range, and are not going to become Mailmark compatible. This means that if you own older FP Mailing franking machines, you may have to buy a new Mailmark franking machine. But you can still use your older franking machine if you do not want a Mailmark franking machine. Also it is not customary to have a Mailmark machine.

Save Money!

Franking Machines Cheshire can offer you many Mailmark franking machines at lower prices than FP Mailing. So if you want to save money on a similar franking machine to the ones FP Mailing provide, then Franking Machines Cheshire can supply you with one. Franking Machines Cheshire can supply you with low, mid and high volume franking machines, all of which are Mailmark or non-Mailmark compatible. Save money with Franking Machines Cheshire as we have driven down the cost of owning a franking machine over the years. This allows us to save your Cheshire business money on many types of franking machines.

Franking Machines Cheshire cannot just save your business money on a similar FP Mailing franking machine; we can also save your Cheshire business money on FP Mailing Franking Machine Supplies. We can supply your business with franking ink, franking labels and envelopes that can all be used along with your FP Mailing franking machine. Franking Machines Cheshire can save your business money on your franking machine supplies if you buy them from us.

To find our range of franking machine supplies, simply go to the Franking Machines Cheshire homepage of our website, scroll down to the Ink Cartridges, Labels and Envelopes section and find the franking machine supplies you want for your machine. Or you can visit our parent company Mailcoms, as they can save you money as well on many FP Mailing franking machine supplies.

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